Characteristics : san telmo neighborhood is considered to be the cradle of the suburbs, place of poets, story tellers, and the tango argentino itself. it also has a lot of antique shops. it is a neiborhood where you can find at any step its history, the tragedy, the happiness and the nostalgy mixed. the place was an inspiration to a lot of artists, and nowadays the restaurants, squares and shops represent one of the most visited places in buenos aires.


History : the ones who initially came into this neiborhood, gave it the name of "san pedro". it was a reduced group dedicated to the affairs related to the port. they placed themselves near plaza dorrego (dorrego square) and in the nowadays called defensa street, wich is the one considered as the older of the city. the neiborhood started growing, getting richer and becoming residence of the traditional families. for example: domingo french´s family, esteban de luca´s family, essteban echeverria´s family and a lot of more.

During the english invassions the neiborhood was occupied by the invasors and they were created two hospitals of blood. in that opportunity a lot of notable events took place, as the one protagonized by martina cespedes, who took by prisoners eleven of the english men who irrupted into her house. the other one, finally ended geting married her daughter.

During rosas period, that was installed in the neiborhood, on chacabuco street, "el cuartel de la mazorca", living next to it his famous leader: ciriaco cuitino

One of the events of more importance in san telmo´s history took place during the yellow fever epidemy, in 1871. this fact made a lot of rich families left their big houses, that still can be seen, and move to another places. this abandoned houses years later were took by families of inmigrants, and they become in the nowadays known as "conventillos".-


Buenos Aires is the capital city of argentine republic, and is also the greatest and most crowded city in the country.-

on the east side, it limits with the rio de la plata river, on the south side with the riachuelo, and the rest of its perimeter is delimited by the general paz avenue, that limits the city from nort to west.-

the weather is warm and 18 º c is the media temperature. in winters it doesn´t snow, and during this period temperatures go from 3ºc to 8ºc. in the summer the hot is wet, with a 28ºc media temperature.-

buenos aires has a multiple options system of transportation: ezeiza international airport, jorge newbery airport, an important number of subways and more than a hundred lines of buses that cover all the city and connect the city with the rest of the neiborhood of "great buenos aires" (suburbs) .

rio de la plata river connects buenos aires with uruguay, where you can get by using ferries and ships.

appart from that buenos aires has many trains, that make easier the access to the central area, throug the different stations: retiro, constitucion, once y federico lacroze.

known as the queen of the plata, the city of buenos aires, has a lot of artistic expressions that surprise tourists with many monuments, galleries and museums.

between the most visited places in this beautiful city we have the san telmo fair, the recreative places in costanera norte, and the park of costanera sur.-
the places that show the cosmopolitan spirit of buenos aires are caminito, recoleta, la boca, la feria de mataderos, jardin botanico, el zoologico, el jardin japones and tierra santa, wich is the first tematical religious park in the world.
another important sites to visit because of it history are the cabildo, the catedral, the palacio municipal, the obelisco, colon theatre, la manzana de las luces y el planetario.
at night, in the city that never sleeps you can go to theaters, cinemas, discos, cafes, pubs, the flating casino, anda lot of more.

because of these reasons buenos aires as an identity of "open doors" that offer a wide list of posibilities for having fun.




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